our core values (DNA):


These five pairs of words and five metaphors help us capture what is close to the heart of Journey Fellowship:

acceptance/diversity (earth)

Following the example of Jesus, we want to model unconditional acceptance . . . to be a safe place for people, whatever their background.  That means not doing what most people tend to do – stay in a comfort zone with look-alikes.  We will intentionally pursue diversity.  Every person brings a unique contribution to the mosaic of our community with enriches us all!  The earth reminds us – all of us – that we are connected to one another.

community/unity (water)

Community is at the heart of who we are.  It’s how we learn and practice the way of Jesus – together.  Serving and being served, challenging and being challenged, giving and receiving forgiveness, teaching and being taught.  But we don’t think we’re right and everyone else is wrong, so we seek unity with the whole body of Christ (whether they think and act like us or not).  The body of Christ is like water – flowing, dynamic and alive – trickles becoming streams becoming rivers becoming seas.

spirituality/mystery (wind)

Faith cannot be reduced to easy, packaged formulas . . . it’s too profound and complex. We value and practice a wide variety of spiritual disciplines – feasting, fasting, creating, journaling, singing, dancing, silence . . . We seek to celebrate and enjoy and experience the goodness of God, even though it is far beyond our understanding. We embrace awe and wonder and mystery, because they represent the best of God we can know. As the wind blows wherever it wills, so God’s spirit is wild . . . and free . . . and unrestrained.

simple/organic (wood)

Doing church should never get in the way of being the church.  We try to keep our structures simple – no complicated organization charts, no capital fund-raiser compaigns, no 10-year strategic plans . . . just being and doing what Jesus’ followers are supposed to be and do.  We call it simple church, but simple doesn’t mean simplistic.  A church is also organic – a complex organism, really – like a deep wood, constantly changing and growing and reproducing.

compassion/action (fire)

We are compelled by God’s love to be people of compassion . . . not mere sentimentality, but real compassion demonstrated through action.  So we care for the poor and the helpless, we show mercy, and we oppose injustice.  Our calling is to be a blessing into people’s lives, to actually love our neighbors . . . it’s the fire that burns within us – to live the way of Jesus.