Journey Fellowship is a community of faith…learning and practicing the way of Jesus.
Journey Fellowship is a whole new way of thinking about and being the church . . .  OK, there we said it, the “C” word!  Actually, we intentionally avoid using the “C” word, because there is too much baggage that goes with it.  We prefer to think of ourselves simply as followers of Jesus.  But, there’s a rub . . .  Jesus always calls his followers into community with each other and that community is usually called (you guessed it) the church.
While trying to follow Jesus in a whole new way, we discovered that it’s really a very ancient way of thinking and being.  It’s the way of Jesus and his earliest followers.
Whether you are . . .
a pilgrim on a spiritual quest,
a wanderer in a religious wasteland,
or a refugee from judgmental religious systems,

you are safe with us

to explore,
to learn (and unlearn),
to doubt and question,
to stumble,
to be yourself.